My very good friend, Louise du Toit, has put together a moving video with music and words created by her that I know will bless and uplift you. She calls it The Pledge.

I would love to share it with you, but first, let me share a few tidbits about Louise . . .

Louise du Toit was born and raised in breath-taking South Africa. She is an extremely gifted musician, song writer, vocalist and wildlife advocate, par excellence.

Currently residing on the Greek Isle of Corfu, Louise is also a performer, giving over 200 performances every year.

Louise had this to say about her early childhood, “Some of my earliest memories are of early walks in the garden with my late artist father, who taught me to see beauty in the smallest objects of nature and focused my attention on the existence of inspiration in everything around me.

“I also have vivid and beautiful memories of endless hours of adventurous play with my siblings; learning to respect and protect nature and wildlife, exploring the farms and fields around our house, swimming in the ocean, riding our bicycles through the streets of different towns and villages in South Africa.”

Louise and I first met over the internet. She had contacted me, asking if I would be interested in collaboration on a project featuring her music and a selection of my images. How could I say no? The result – For Every Fallen Wolfa DVD featuring her music and my images. We are currently working on another DVD, Song of the Spirit Bear. It, too, will feature her singing and my photographs.

Lori and I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Louise and her son, Stamatis Seraphim, when they came to America this past April to perform in our Wildlife Gala, Celebrating Our Wild Brothers & Sisters.

I have this philosophy that there’s no such thing as a stranger, only friends I’ve yet to meet. Not only was is awesome meeting friends, sharing time together as we took them to some of our favorite locations gave us the opportunity to actually bond. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

The following link will take you to THE PLEDGE:


by Louise du Toit

The only PLACE where I want to be is there where Peace, Love, Affection, Compassion and Equality exist.

The only RULE that I acknowledge is the one that supports Righteousness, Unity, Liberation and Empathy.

The only WISH that I have is for a world full of Warmth, Impartiality, Sympathy and Hope.

The only DREAM that I have is of a world full of Devotion, Respect, Ethics, Amity and Mercy.

It is up to me to create that PLACE, follow that RULE, fulfill that WISH and realize that DREAM.

I pledge to support Peace, Love, Affection, Compassion, Equality;
Rightness, Unity, Liberation, Empathy;
Warmth, Impartiality, Sympathy, Hope;
Devotion, Respect, Ethics, Amity and Mercy.



Music, text and video by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2014. The copyrights to the music and text are reserved by the artist. The images in this video are not the property of the producer. This video was made for non-profit educational purposes, without any intention of commercial advantage or private financial gain. There is no intention of copyright infringement either.

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