“Mother’s Day”

XNPG14B  BROWN BEAR  (Ursus arctos)   Lake Clark National Park, Alaska

“Mother’s Day”
Alaskan Brown Bear – Lake Clark National Park, Alaska

This is my latest creation in a series I refer to as “Photographic Reality, with A Touch of Impressionism.”

It began as a photograph that I made in Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park. Everywhere we went during our week-long visit back in 2011, this sow and her twin cubs would show up. It was almost as if she was proud of her newborns and wanted to show them off to everyone.

Working on it for hours in several digital editing programs, I was finally satisfied and this image is the result. What I’ve attempted to do is recreate the feelings and emotions I felt in my spirit as I looked through my camera’s viewfinder into her eyes. In this case, she was enjoying the moment in our presence as one of her cubs stood sentinel, searching for any sign of danger. Fortunately, she found none.

Lori and I will be displaying my newest creations, including the image featured above, at the upcoming 38th Annual Colorado Indian Market & Southwest Art Fest held in Denver, Colorado. It will be held at the Denver Mart, located at the corner of I25 and 58th Avenue, just 10 minutes north of Downtown Denver. The complex is recently updated and surrounded by acres of parking. We’ll be in booth 226.

3 Day Weekend! January 18, 19, 20th!
Hours: Friday 1-7PM, Saturday 10AM-7PM, Sunday 10AM-5PM

Denver Mart
451 E. 58th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80216

If you happen to be in the area, stop by. I’d love to see you. Perhaps, you could even join Lori and I for dinner.


  1. Frank Randolph says

    Thanks so much for keeping me in your “loop.” I have many fond memories of the time spent with you in a class over west of Denver. Boy how time gets away. I cannot remember when this was, but must have been 15 years ago.

    • admin says

      It’s really great hearing from you, Frank. You’re absolutely correct. Time does fly. It only seems like a year, or two, ago when you were in one of my seminars. Hopefully, you’re out and still making beautiful images of our wild brothers and sisters.

  2. Barbara East says

    Hi Weldon,

    Wish Denver was a whole lot closer to Alabama. Would certainly love to see your show and it’d surely be delightful to see you and Lori. I absolutely love your newest ‘painting’! This type photography has long been some of my favorite images. Most specifically when we were fortunate to go on the adventure with you to the Canadian Rockies. The night at Patricia Lake when we had our critique session you commented so favorably of my soft focus/sharp photo of cone flowers. You asked what I liked about it and I said to you , ‘I like the ‘blurry’ stuff. And you replied, ‘Thank you.” I love the impressionism images. They are so beautiful to me. And that moment will always be special for me. Thanks for all those great moments in Canadian Rockies and Mt. Evans! Hope you and Lori have a wonderful New Year and many blessings from John and me.

    • admin says


      Thank you for your wonderful comments regarding my latest creation, “Mother’s Day.” I am so happy that you like it. Lori and I really miss seeing you and John. Perhaps one day in the not too distant future y’all will be able to return to Colorado.

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