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Our Outreach Programs are provided at no cost to the child, which is why programs like this one are so critical to the work we do. More importantly, it’s participation from friends like you that make it possible.

Here is how it works . . .
The wildlife safari is free to volunteers. It’s MISSION: New Earth’s way of saying thank you. For members of MISSION: New Earth, we’re asking for a donation of $75 to cover registration, and from non-members, we’re asking for a $100 donation. If you are in a position to give more, please do.

Your donation goes into our general fund and supports the work we do.

NOTE: If you would like to become a member of MISSION: New Earth – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization – contact me and I will send you a registration form. One (1) year membership fee – $50; three (3) year membership fee – $125

Here’s how to register . . .

Step 1 – Contact me ASAP to find out if space is available and let me know if you plan to attend. Since our wildlife safari will take place during peak tourist season, the sooner you register, the better. I also need to know if you intend to bring someone with you.

Step 2 – Contact the Columbine Inn in Idaho Springs, Colorado, and confirm lodging with your credit card information. Your cost for lodging is . . $99/room/night, plus tax for a double room
I have a limited number of rooms blocked for this event – the sooner you conform your reservation, the better.

Item 1 – If your intent is to share the cost of lodging by reserving a double room, you’ll need to arrange that with your roommate prior to contacting Day’s Inn, unless you initially want to cover the entire cost and pass the difference on to someone later. If that’s the case, make certain they understand that someone will be joining you when you confirm your reservation. Also, it’s important that the person joining you contact me to complete the necessary steps for registration.

Item 2 – Since the rooms are already blocked out, it’s extremely important when confirming your reservation that you let them know you are a member of Weldon Lee’s group and that your room is one of those that have been blocked.

Item 3 – We only have 4 rooms blocked and since reservations are on a first come, first serve basis, it’s important for you to contact Columbine Inn to confirm your reservation ASAP.

Contact Info:
Columbine Inn                               Sam & Ala Salter, owners
2501 Colorado Blvd.                      (303) 567-0948
Idaho Springs, CO  80452   

Step 3 – Make your check payable to MISSION: New Earth and mail it to me at the following address:
Weldon Lee
P.O. Box 487
Allenspark, CO  80510

IMPORTANT: Be sure and include your email address, postal mailing address and cell phone number.

Step 4 – Contact me and let me know that you have confirmed your reservation by completing Steps 1 thru 3.

Only after Step 4 is complete, will your name be added to our participant list.

We will gather for a “Meet & Greet” dinner, Friday, August 29, at 5:00 p.m. in the motel lobby, at which time we’ll depart for Beau Jo’s and one of their famous Mountain Pies, a unique Colorado pizza.

Although this should answer most of your questions, please feel free to call Weldon Lee, (303) 747-2074, whenever you have a question, or need assistance.

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