MISSION: New Earth



We don’t want to protect wildlife.

Our mission: Establish a new earth where wildlife doesn’t need protecting.

- Weldon Lee


Many organizations, for a number of years, have been working to save wildlife. Although there have been successes, the problems still exist. In many instances, they are even escalating. While these efforts are helping, they are not solving the problem.

MISSION: New Earth is taking an entirely new direction. Instead of putting out ‘fires’ as they pop up, we are focusing on the root cause.

What is the root cause? Thomas Berry could not have said it better. He writes, “Our difficulty is that we have become autistic. We no longer listen to what the Earth, its landscape, its atmospheric phenomena and all its living forms, its mountains and valleys, the rain, the wind, and all the flora and fauna of the planet are telling us.”

Children hold the answer to our problems. Again, Mr. Berry has insight to the solution. Here’s what he has to say, “My hope is that all children will become earth literate. That they will experience no separation of spirit and matter! That they will come to know the Story of the Universe as their story! That they will have a deep sense of being a unique expression of the universe and that they are the universe celebrating itself in their songs, dances, and rituals! Finally, I hope that they realize they have a purpose to fulfill and that they are a gift for the whole web of life!”

We at MISSION: New Earth are reaching out to the children . . . feeling our way as we undertake the huge task at hand.


  1. says

    Dear Weldon,

    This is the ideal world! WE are supporting you all the way to see that this can be achieved. Wild horses have lived on this earth 60 million years and as humans we are trying to eliminate them. Why? Let’s hope the new generation can carry on. You are right. The children must carry the message.

  2. says

    Papa Gummy Bear-Weldon-

    You have high aspirations and I applaud your sentiment and your efforts. Always have and always will.

    Please read the new publication by E, O, Wilson called Half Earth…I think we will be pleasantly surprised by the thought s of this man. A leader and writer, his brilliance of thoughts and ideas might help all of us focus on a direction to save our planet and our beloved animals…let me know what you think and when I pass through colorado we can have a talk this fall…ric kessler

    • admin says

      Thank you, Ric. I am very familiar with Mr. Wilson and have a lot of respect for where he stands on the environmental issues we’re facing today. I’ll check out his new book. I’m already looking forward to seeing you this fall. ‘Till then.

    • admin says

      There are a number of things that need to be done and I’ll probably take them in the order they present themselves. We need to put together a Board of Directors and do all the legal work necessary, so we can organize as a 501(c)3. We also need a website. I already have a URL (web address). http://www.Mission-NewEarth.com I’ll be meeting with a gentleman tomorrow that has over 1,000,000 contacts and will take it from there. We will definitely need a lot of volunteers to go forward.

  3. JP Bruce says

    Great start. The youth are always a great place to start but too often the adults/parents stand in the way. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  4. says

    Congratulations, my good friend. Ironically, your announcement comes at kind of a pregnant time in my own life and photography. I will mostly retire at the end of this year and am mentally casting about for something that would cause me to “give back” to people, animals, the planet, etc., so your announcement is significantly inspirational, and also food for thought.

    BTW, Cindy and I plan to be in Estes the weekend of the exhibition there and will indeed hookup with you and Lori. In the interim, best wishes to you both for your continued – and inspirational – success.

    P.S. How do I purchase the wolf DVD?

    • admin says

      It will be good to see you and Cindy again. We could definitely use someone with your talents and connections, should you decide to get involved. As for the DVDs, we do not sell them outright. Instead, we prefer to take donations of any amount. We just ask that donors be a generous as possible. One hundred percent goes to a worthy cause. Unfortunately, we’re not yet set up as a 501(c)3.

  5. Barb says

    I love the idea of starting with the children. Our nonprofit “live Heathy Appalachia” works in the classroom to teach children how to cook and learn about healthy lifestyles. It is all interconnected. Let me know what your plans are…..I LOVE working with kids and have years of experience in the classroom.

  6. Richard says

    While I like the sounds and sentiments of children, it is going to take the hard, and sometimes harsh, words of knowledgeable and articulate adults when addressing the mining, housing, ranching, etc. industries who stand in conflict – and at times cooperation – with nature.

    I applaud your vision and mission.


    • admin says

      Thank you for your support, Richard. Although, we will be reaching out to various groups, it’s important to focus on the children. The future of Planet Earth is in their hands.

  7. Clint S. says

    What a great idea. I hope you get all of the support you need to make this successful.
    This place we call home needs a lot of tender loving care!

  8. Walt Kaesler says

    Why am I not surprised that you would come up with a project like this? I know you are aware how much work will be involved to pull this off. I think it is an idea that meets an important need. As a volunteer in Rocky Mountain National Park, I see crowds of kids come through the Bear Lake trailhead every summer, and many of them (but not all) get involved in the Junior Ranger Program, which serves to make kids aware of nature, and how to relate to it. Have you seen the Junior Ranger booklets? I support your mission..

  9. says

    My motto many years ago was that my photography was always about inspiring our next generation of young people. It was my hopes that my images of natural places, not only here in Florida where I live, but also in other places that I have been fortunate enough to have gone to. I am a Nature and Wildlife photographer as you well know Pappy, but of late my photography direction has been more landscape in nature, with mega-size panoramic images becoming more prevalent.

    Your direction … I well know for many years now, and I have done more than my share of not only photographing birds and animals but also in leading photo tours to teach and show other photographers what Florida has to offer them.

    So where am I going with this…..go to the schools and give your programs and tell the younger generation what they can do to keep the legacy of keeping our wild brothers and sisters and our beautiful pristine landscapes safe not only for them but also for their children into the future.

  10. Sandy Ferreira says

    You are right on!! Children and adults alike need to reconnect with Nature. If they do not know Nature how can they learn to protect it?

    We all need to work harder to educate the public. Photography is one powerful medium and effective tool to get out our message. Keep up the great work!.

    • admin says

      You are absolutely correct, Sandy. Once individuals learn to love our wild brothers and sisters, they will fight to protect them. We will reach out to everyone, regardless of age. However, children will be our focus.

  11. Kathy Nolasco says

    Hi Weldon,

    I am excited about your new mission. I can somewhat relate to Ron’s email. So far, I have been able to support a few organizations with the occasional monetary contribution and by signing online petitions from time to time. This has been partially satisfying to me. However, I feel I want to do something more as it seems that there is even more opposition than ever against Mother Earth and our beloved brothers and sisters. Right now, I am searching for a full-time job and am cautiously optimistic that I can contribute more. Unfortunately, my photography has had to take a backseat for a while. If I can be a part of this new mission in any way, please let me know. Thanks so much for advising me of your thoughtful mission.
    My positive thoughts are with you …

    • admin says

      Thank you very much, Kathy. Simply by reaching out, you are already a part of our new mission. I will definitely be in contact with you.

  12. Liz Sterner-Pinel says

    Hi Weldon

    I’m so happy about your news! I’ve have taken my children and now my two grandsons out in the wilderness to explore and to learn so many things. The kids are like sponges and will remember what they have learned. I work for the school board and hoping to get more teachers involved.
    I have also recused some of the wildlife animals that shouldn’t have gotten hurt in the first place. If people would only start with taking their garbage with them or not smoking while exploring nature. One step at a time and we can make this a better place.
    Thank you again Weldon for all you do.

  13. says

    This is nice sentiment, yet it’s not fleshed out. We can hope that the children do the right thing. But, without teaching and guidance, the children will continue with the status quo. The current generations of adults, from those born before the boomers, to the Millenials, need to act now to protect the environment, and teach today’s children to do the same. The children today are more likely than any previous generation to be born in, and never go outside of, cities. Without that exposure to nature, the children won’t know to protect the environment, let alone how to do so. It’s nice to hope that the future will be better, but I’d rather see everyone take action in the present.

    • admin says

      Curtis, I agree whole-hartedly. However, what I see is an untold number of organizations that have been working for years to take action in the present and in spite of their successes, many problems still exist. It’s important that we change the mind-set of individuals. That’s where MISSION: New Earth comes in. Our approach is to reach children today and provide opportunities from them to experience meaningful relationships with our wild brothers and sisters. The love generated through those relationships will grow as the children mature and as I’ve stated before, people will not destroy something they love.

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