Wildlife Photography: My Art & My Life

BackFromTheBrink 470x700

"Ghost Herd"  -  American Elk Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado  Article and photos ©Weldon Lee The following definition of art by Edgar Allen Poe pretty much sums up what art and photography are to me. "Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term Art, I should call it the reproduction of what the Senses perceive in Nature through … [Read more...]

Remembering Diana

Diana in the snow; Allenspark, Colorado

DIANA, aka Cherann's Something Supreme September 10, 2004 - June 20, 2018 June 20, 2018 (Wednesday, Summer Solstice) - My beloved Diana crossed over during the night. She went to sleep last night and woke up this morning free of pain and full of energy in a world, where one day we'll meet again and cross the Rainbow Bridge together, along with … [Read more...]

New Image Releases

XNPJ22  AMERICAN BISON  (Bison bison)Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

"Face of Wisdom"  -  American Bison Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, South Dakota There are times when I look through my camera viewfinder deep into a subject's eyes and feel as though I am actually viewing long-hidden, mysterious regions in its spirit - I feel a connection as though we are one. I sense its joy . . . and, its pain. These … [Read more...]

The Next Level

XNPJ22  AMERICAN BISON  (Bison bison)Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

"Out of the Forest"  American Moose  -  Brainard Lake National Recreation Area, Colorado The Next Level by Weldon Lee           Most of us take our cameras into the field because we like making photographs. We like sharing them with our friends. We make copies to decorate the walls of our homes and offices. A few of us even find ways to … [Read more...]

America’s Wildlife Needs Your Help


NOTE by WELDON LEE . . . I received the following correspondence from the ALASKA WILDLIFE ALLIANCE. This is the first time I have ever posted any correspondence from another source on my blog. However, I believe this issue is extremely important. If you care anything about our wild brothers and sisters, you must speak up. Thank you for your … [Read more...]

What’s Happening to Our National Parks?

XNPJ22 05_04676AMERICAN BISON (Bison bison))Yellowstone National Park, WY

"Call of the Wild" American Elk  -  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado "It is a shame that our land management agencies fail so miserably at the task of preservation, originating in a pervasive inability to fully acknowledge what there is to preserve and to place proper value on it." - Guy Tal, from his essay Canyon Time, "More Than A … [Read more...]

Art, Thoreau & New Releases

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 "Out of the Forest" American Moose  -  Brainard Lake National Recreation Area, Colorado I've sometimes remarked that a landscape image without wildlife is empty and sterile. There's so much more to Planet Earth than just rocks and water. However, without these elements there could be no life. I can easily see why Native Americans refer to the … [Read more...]

Beginning A New Year

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  "Out of the Past" Sandhill Crane  -  Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico I've posted a couple of images that I made during a trip to Bosque that Lori and I made this past December. I really hope you like them. However, right now I want to tell you about my new camera that I purchased this past October . It's a … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Weekend

XNMA03  WILD HORSE  (Equus fetus) Sand Wash Basin HMA, Colorado

Long-tailed Weasel  -  Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado Lori and I had been planning on traveling to western Colorado for over a year to photograph one of the herds of wild horses living in our state. For one reason or another, it never happened. Then, sometime back in October, we began talking about our annual trip to Bosque del Apache … [Read more...]