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XNIA04  GRAY WOLF  (Canis lupus)captive animal; Kalispell, Montana

Santa Claus – How It All Began

Wolf saved Santa Claus by Weldon Lee Although Christmas is right around the corner and Santa will soon be making his rounds bringing joy to boys and girls around the world, few people know the story of how is all began. Gather ‘round as I share the story that was passed along to me from […]

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MISSION: New Earth

  “We don’t want to protect wildlife. Our mission: Establish a new earth where wildlife doesn’t need protecting.“ – Weldon Lee   Many organizations, for a number of years, have been working to save wildlife. Although there have been successes, the problems still exist. In many instances, they are even escalating. While these efforts are […]

XNPJ22  AMERICAN BISON  (Bison bison)Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

Announcing this year’s Wild Horses of the West Photo Adventure

The fighting stallions depicted in this image are members of the Gila herd.   Our annual Wild Horses of the West photography workshop will take place, June 12-15, 2016. The best part – IT’S FREE this year. That’s right. You read correctly. Spend an entire, unforgettable three days photographing a truly unique symbol of the […]